Age of Diversity, for older LGBT people

Age of Diversity is an information resource for older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people, run by and for older LGBT people.

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New report launched

Cover illustration by Z*qhygoemAge of Diversity's first publication, Appropriate Treatment: older lesbian, gay and bisexual people’s experience of general practice, by Lindsay RIver, was launched at the Older LGBT Matters conference at Toynbee Hall on 9 November 2011.

Click here for more about the launch, including Lindsay's presentation slides.

Click here for more details about Appropriate Treatment: you can also download the full text of the report or selected comments from those interviewed.

This website

This site contains information of interest to older LGBT People. Polari logo We've inherited some resources from Polari (closed 2009), including documents, a bibliography, and a list (still being added to) of links to other sites featuring older LGBT people.

A small group of us (see Who's who) got together to set up Age of Diversity, originally to campaign for and by older gay, lesbian, and trans people, but currently to provide what we hope will be a useful information resource.

Bryher and H.D.
Our picture shows the writers Bryher and H.D. two bisexual women who had a life-long commitment.

See the UK LGBT History Project's article for more about their lives.

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